Keep-It Fresh bags

  • Keep it fresh bags keep your vegetables, fruits and flowers, fresher, longer. These are made by the use of Keep-It-Fresh master batch which incorporates ethylene absorbants & Anti Microbials in the polymer matrix. This enables the Keep-It-fresh bags to absorb ethylene gas.
  • The absorption of ethylene gas into the polymer matrix reduces the ripening rate of the fruits & vegetables and hence increases the shelf life. The Silver Nano Anti Microbial Additives aid to fight fungus and bacteria and hence inhibits mould development.

Features and benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • You Can Re-Use and Recycle
  • Save the Environment
  • Save You Money
  • Fresher Produce for up to 25% longer.


Tomatoes tested for 2 weeks show no spots or fungal growth in Keep-It-Fresh Bags compared to start of rotting within 1 week in a plain bag.

The bananas kept in Keep-It-Fresh  bags aged only by 3 days after actual 14 days when compared to an openly stored banana.