Keep-It-Fresh Capsules

Keep-it-fresh capsules will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for much longer than usual, plus they have a sleek design that looks good in the space without taking up much space. No longer! Keep-it-fresh capsules make a big promise to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. With the use of keep-it-fresh capsules, there is no need to pack the fruits and vegetables for longer times. You just have to place the capsules in between the vegetables and fruits. It absorbs the ethylene gas and produced the life extension air to increase the life of our fruits and vegetables .


  • Keep-it-fresh work by trapping the ethylene gas that leads to spoilage.
  • It is not harmful for kids.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Plastic Capsules for 10 cubic feet.
  • Can be placed in refrigerators and with fresh produce.
  • Also available with adhesive backing.