Natural Minerals



Natural occurring clay

Keep-It-Fresh Capsules

KIF Capsules are special device based of innovative technology to absorb ethylene and are filled with natural material that causes volatile bacterial inhibition to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables stored in refrigerated conditions.

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers start to ripen after harvesting and during the ripening process release ethylene gas and water vapor. This ethylene gas when in the storage package increases the ripening rate of the fresh produce hence aggravating the ripening process resulting into faster rotting of the fresh produce.

The ethylene gas and water vapor produced work as catalyst to the ripening process which in turn causes faster spoilage and microbial damage.

Natural occurring clay and minerals are filled in snap fit box sealed with ultrasonic rays to form Keep It fresh Capsules. KIF Capsules can be placed inside refrigerators and walking coolers with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The Capsules work in a multiple ways to protect and extend shelf life of fresh produce.


Just install the Capsule in the refrigerator or walking cooler where fresh fruits and vegetables are  stored. KIF Capsules can be place in household refrigerators or stuck on to the wall of refrigerator with the double tape behind the Capsule KIF Capsule absorbs ethylene gas from the produce and create a bacteria free environment inside the refrigerator to extend the shelf  life of packed fresh fruit and vegetables. This would depend upon the kind of fresh produce and the quantity of ethylene produced.