Product Description:



KIF Curtains are used primarily in reefer containers to absorb the ethylene gas inside the container. The long haulange and transportation can cause excessive accumulation of ethylene gas inside the container causing alarmingly high acceleration of ripening. The products highly critical to decay and lowering of freshness can result in decreased sale price of the product in the open market or can be disliked by end users.




The Solution:

KIF Curtains are made from eco friendly materials and absorb ethylene gas when placed near the air intake area of the container. The ethylene elimination in the environment of the container results in increased life of the fresh fruits or vegetables.





KIF Curtains are installed near the intake area to allow the air containing ethylene pass through the curtain. This absorbs completely the ethylene inside the micropores of the curtain.



KIF curtains should be used in a quantity 2-4 depending upon the haulage time and container size.



Used Curtain in the trucks

Used Curtain in the Storage Room